Current Turn Around Time: 2 weeks - All products made to order


Pursuing Creativity: Part 1

Make the thing you’re doing “good enough”, put it out there, and improve it based on internal or external feedback, whichever suits you.

GARUDA and India: A love story

In 2021 India was the second highest source of traffic on the GARUDA website, behind the USA. In 2022, India surpassed the USA in terms of traffic. Guess how many people in India bought GARUDA in 2021? 1 person. His name is Param, good bloke. From 2015 – 2022 guess how many people in India have purchased GARUDA? 6. I know all of our Indian customers on a first-name basis literally, I've even met 50% of them in real life and had meals with them.

Satellite City Collection

The reception to satellite city has been overall solid, and I’m just happy people understood what we were going for based on all the messages I received about it. This has easily been the most fun ive had designing since I started the brand in 2015, and I am thankful for all the support people have given in any capacity.

Product Profile: Glasses V1

There were a bunch of flaws, we made the bridge too thin and it was fragile as hell, the legs didn’t fold past 45 degrees and some other stuff too. But they looked sick, we took them to a local optician to get lenses fitted in them so they could be wear-tested. The optician was gassing up the design, he said the material seems kinda weird but the shape is beautiful. Thanks dawg. 


GARUDA’s first-ever intern joined about 7 weeks ago. In the first week, he joined he asked me “What's your goal?”… He didn't specify a timeframe, or any details… just plain and simple, “what is your goal?”.