Product Profile: Glasses V1

There were a bunch of flaws, we made the bridge too thin and it was fragile as hell, the legs didn’t fold past 45 degrees and some other stuff too. But they looked sick, we took them to a local optician to get lenses fitted in them so they could be wear-tested. The optician was gassing up the design, he said the material seems kinda weird but the shape is beautiful. Thanks dawg. 


GARUDA’s first-ever intern joined about 7 weeks ago. In the first week, he joined he asked me “What's your goal?”… He didn't specify a timeframe, or any details… just plain and simple, “what is your goal?”.

Product Profile: Master's Pants V1

I also managed to convince him to add an oversized cinch waist like the Udaan pants, because I wanted to see how a feature like that worked on someone much smaller than me. Halfway through his piece, he decided to abandon the Sipahi cargo pockets, and hence the Master’s pants were born. They are named Master’s pants because the design was originally made for our Master cutter. 

New Release: Rayon Linen Collection

Presenting Garuda’s second release for May 2021, comprising of existing designs reimagined in a new textile: Rayon Linen. Just in time for peak summer. This release contains five items, combined with our previous two (Studio Shirt and Enjinia Shirt) Rayon Linen items for a total of 7 options in the fabric.

Design Discussion: Made to Order Pros and Cons

In 2016 we created a jacket that almost destroyed Garuda. We invested heavily into this jacket, and if it didn’t sell we were almost certainly done for. Guess what? It didn’t sell a single unit. This put our backs against the wall, we had almost no capital to make a new product, but we had designs in mind. So we decided to try made to order, we presented a new design to potential clients and got their buy-in, they paid for their garments upfront and we used that money to make the designs come to life.