Garuda creates high quality garments, produced in a private workshop, using materials from around the globe. Garuda aims to create garments that with the right care will last you a lifetime, and never go out of style.

Garuda operates four different KITs, each targeting a different genre of menswear, (K1 Military, K2 Workwear, K3 Suitwear and K4 Sportswear). Garuda recreates classics from each of these genres, updating their silhouettes, fabrication and functionality. 

Each KIT offers garments for people of all shapes and sizes. In most KITs you will see both slimmer and wider cuts, as well as garments aimed at both, mature and youthful demographics. 

Each garment aims to augment your existing wardrobe, to work as the finishing touch or the statement piece of your outfit. 

Sometimes a preview might be seen on social media months or even a year before its release, Garuda simply won't release anything until it has been thoroughly tested. Sign up to the Garuda Newsletter to stay in the loop about new garment releases, as there is nothing set in stone about when, what or how many garments will drop.