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Glasses - V1

Glasses - V1

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GARUDA's first eyewear. 


*** Please note before purchase, Glasses V1 are an experimental fashion product. Glasses V1 should not be considered a performance item. Please always visit an optical specialist to adjust for an ideal fit, do not use any home remedies.  Remember to inform the optician that Glasses V1 are made from 3D printed Nylon and that cold adjustments are not possible, the temples must be heated in order to be adjusted***

Material: 3D printed Nylon (PA12)
Process: SLS Printing
Case material: Duck Canvas with XPAC XPLY X10 Backing (with soft padding)
Fabric Origin: USA
Printed in: Pune (India)
Assembled in: Panchkula (India)
Case made in: Panchkula (India)

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