Garuda is a family owned company, Initially founded in 2014 and manufactured in Auckland, New Zealand.

In early 2017 Garuda and its directors moved operations to Panchkula, India.
Now Garuda operates its own private workshop to maintain full control over the garment creation process, from concept, all the way to dispatch. 


About Us



Suhail Sahrawat (Director, Designer & Founder)

The Man behind The Madness. Suhail founded Garuda in 2014, to create functional clothing encompassing both style and flawless form.  A mission which is easier said than done, Suhail embarked on an enlightening journey through Asia where he developed what we now know as Garuda. Forgetting the norms set by conventional fashion houses, Garuda and Suhail display an unapologetic indifference to the way “things should be done”.



Kiran Sahrawat (Director)

During the late 80's and early 90's, Kiran ran one of the most popular made to order clothing boutiques in Chandigarh, India.  She also holds a PH.D in Accounting and Finance, which makes her an invaluable plethora of knowledge and advice.