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service: Pants + Accessory - GARUDA

service: Pants + Accessory

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  1. Contact us so to discuss the possibilities for your product and any requests you have.
  2. Select and send a minimum of three garments to us.
  3. Follow the measurement guides provided on the ‘Made to Order’ page of the website and send us your measurements.
  4. Select from the three purchase options in the drop down box above (explained below) and complete the purchase.
  5.  Ship the garments to us, the customer pays the cost of shipping.
  6. Your garments are deconstructed, reconfigured and constructed into a new item.
  7.  Your garment is shipped back to you.

Purchase Options

  • Chefs Choice -  This is the cheapest option, where the customer has little creative control. We will make the product according to what we see and feel from the garments you have provided. You will receive the garment you have selected plus an accessory of your choice.
  • Customers Choice -  This is the middle priced option, in which we offer you complete creative control and will execute anything you want, provided it is possible. The customer also receives sketches and design options leading up to the construction.
  • Zero Waste - This is the same price as the ‘Customers Choice’ option. We will endeavour to use the entirety of the garments you send to create your products.  Inevitably, there will be some waste, however the waste will not exceed the size of a closed fist. We will also send you photos of any waste and explain why it could not be used in your products. Please note that because we aim to use the entirety of your garments, your product will be, for lack of better words, ‘aesthetically unorthodox’. The product will reflect the process rather than the product determining the process.