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Custom Shirt [Beta Test]

Custom Shirt [Beta Test]

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Welcome to Garuda's product builder. 

Once you complete the order form, you will be charged a one time $20.00 fee for your design. You will in return receive (in 24-48 hours):

  1. A set of sketches (front, rear and side view) for your design.
  2. A list of approximate measurements for your design.
  3. A quote for producing your design.

Once you approve the above and complete payment of the newly quoted price we will begin construction on your garment.


Approximate Price Range

Simple Shirt: $340.00 USD (Schoeller Dryskin) $150.00 (Rayon Linen)

Complex Shirt: Additional pockets, elbow reinforcements, longer than usual length $460.00 USD (Schoeller Dryskin) $240.00 (Rayon Linen)

More info will be added later regarding other fabrics and their approximate pricing. 

Beta Test

More fabric, and design options will be added later. If you have questions do not hesitate to get in touch with us by using the "Message Us" button.