Made To Order

GARUDA Products are made to order and measure. 

Follow our measurement guide documents, which teach you how to properly extract measurements from a garment you already own. 

Pants Measurement Guide - Google Drive Link
Shirt/Jacket Measurement Guide - Google Drive Link

Send us the measurements along with a photo of you wearing the garment you measured. 

The purpose of this is to see how a particular set of measurements fit you, once we have reviewed everything we will give you a list of suggested measurements for you to review and discuss.

Once you approve the measurements we begin constructing your garment, which is shipped with tracking upon completion.


All products marked as MTO also have an additional 'Fitting + Final' purchase option at a higher price.

The key difference between MTO vs Fitting + Final is: Once your order is finalised you will receive a non technical variant of the product first, this garment allows you to experience the measurements that have been discussed and fine tune them for the final technical textile version. 

Although it means a longer turn around time till you receive your desired product, it means the product should hopefully meet all those desires. The textile for the fitting version is open for discussion, and the garment will be fully finished, intention being that you receive two products both of high standard as opposed to one and an unwearable sample.