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How to Start a Techwear Brand: Part 6, Pattern Please

At this point I ask her word for word “so making clothes is just joining 2D pieces of fabric to make a 3D item?”, she had a blank look on her face and fumbles for a second and replies “well there’s more to it than that, but yeah I guess you’re right”. 

How to Start a Techwear Brand: Part 5, Welcome to the Business Kid

I met with the owner in a small cafe in Ponsonby, Auckland. Brief introductions followed by a general overview of my game plan, aesthetic, textile choices, and so on. Like any good business person, she got right down to brass tax and broke down the industry for me. I’m not going to get into all the nitty-gritty, but here’s the key takeaway I learned from her:

How to Start a Techwear Brand: Part 4, Making Clothes is Expensive

She also revealed that the main reason this was going to be so expensive was the fact my design was intricate and made of many more parts than a conventional pair of pants. 23 panels if my memory serves correctly as opposed to say 5 for a regular pant. 

How to Start a Techwear Brand: Part 1, The Emotion of Creation.

I started researching more about clothes and learning as much as I could, I knew that I wanted to be more than a printed t shirt brand, I wanted to build clothes and challenge myself and the consumer.

How to Start a Techwear Brand: Part 2, A Fork in the Road.

This is going well, everything is coming up Millhouse. We have a direction and steam, but wait… how do you make clothes? What's a pattern? Grading, huh? Now we arrive at a fork in the road.