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Product Profile: Hene's Hat V1

What started as a personal challenge turned into Garuda’s best seller. We are proud to see Hene’s Hat all over the world in different countries and climates worn by people of different walks of life. 

Product Profile: Noragi V1

Noragi V1 is Garuda’s take on a Japanese workwear classic. When we initially thought of making the Noragi we felt we were pandering to demand and didn’t want to make it honestly. However, we decided to at least sample it and see if we could make something exceptional and worth releasing… and we did! A modern fit with movement, 3 ways to close, and the option to sling it on your back. Worth releasing for sure!

Design Discussion: Udaan Pants V3

What is Udaan pant V3? The Udaan V1 were the second pant Garuda released at the start of 2017. The main goal was to create a pant that served as the opposite of the Sipahi pant, a wider cropped cargo pant to counter the Sipahi’s slim stacking. 

How to Start a Techwear Brand: Part 6, Pattern Please

At this point I ask her word for word “so making clothes is just joining 2D pieces of fabric to make a 3D item?”, she had a blank look on her face and fumbles for a second and replies “well there’s more to it than that, but yeah I guess you’re right”. 

How to Start a Techwear Brand: Part 5, Welcome to the Business Kid

I met with the owner in a small cafe in Ponsonby, Auckland. Brief introductions followed by a general overview of my game plan, aesthetic, textile choices, and so on. Like any good business person, she got right down to brass tax and broke down the industry for me. I’m not going to get into all the nitty-gritty, but here’s the key takeaway I learned from her: