Current Turn Around Time: 2 weeks - All products made to order


What's in a name?

One of the first questions people ask me when they are trying to make small talk is “what does Garuda mean?”
Garuda is a mythological bird-like creature featured in many different cultures including Indian.
But more importantly, Garuda was the logo of my father's battalion in the Indian military.

Design Discussion: Enjinia Shirt V3

The Enjinia Shirt was the first short sleeve shirt Garuda made and has remained a staple of the collection. It has seen 3 iterations so far which have continuously transformed the product to be better and better.

Design Discussion: Workpants V2.1

The work pants since their inception have remained a key part of Garuda’s offering, it says everything we are trying to, its utility meets comfort meets style. 

Product Profile: Shifting Skort V1

We set out to make a simple skirt, but in the process ended up making a unique unisex piece with multiple methods to wear. Our personal favourite part of the skirt is its ability to pair (literally) with any pant through the use of the “Pant Sync System”.

How to Start a Techwear Brand: Part 7, A Mad Man’s Monologue

In the previous part, I said I was about to have a critical conversation with myself about whether and how to execute Garuda. I lied, what I meant was I was going to sit down, apply questionable logic and figure out how to brute force my way through making a cohesive brand while only releasing a few items a year.