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I started the journal section of the website in early 2021, and haven’t touched in almost 9 months. I have zero interest in marketing, and as a result, only do it when sales are low, but today I’m updating the journal for a different reason. I have been racking my brain for the last 5 weeks on a topic and I’m hoping by the end of writing this post I will have a clear answer to the question I’ve been proposing to myself.

GARUDA’s first-ever intern joined about 7 weeks ago. In the first week, he joined he asked me “What's your goal?”… He didn't specify a timeframe, or any details… just plain and simple, “what is your goal?”.
For the last year, I have been 100% laser-focused on a financial number-related goal, so that’s what I replied with. And to clarify, when I say laser-focused, just know that I have scary willpower. I’m talking about sitting outside a store for 4 days in the middle of New Zealand winter for a pair of sneakers scary willpower. So all my attention has been focused on reaching this financial goal for the last year.

Later that night I was thinking more about his question, and I felt like an asshole for saying my goal was financially related. Because I remembered that when I started GARUDA I had no financial goals in mind at all. I had different goals, completely intrinsic goals. Not that having financial goals is a bad thing, it is very necessary… like it or not artists need money to create. Regardless I couldn’t shake the feeling that I just felt like a dirtbag for saying my goal was financial, because that’s not why I started this, and its certainly not who am at my core.

So for the past weeks, I have been racking my mind trying to reconnect with my initial goals, the reason why I started this company in the first place. I remember years ago watching a video on YouTube by Simon Sinek, where he explains ‘The Golden Circle’ the TLDR of the video is, any great companies ‘Why’ isn’t to make money, money is a result… not the reason. Your ‘Why’ has to be something else. Your reason to exist cannot be financial, it has to be something greater, a purpose.

When I started GARUDA, it came from a huge dissatisfaction with the industry it would be involved within. I was tired of people trying to peddle dog shit products and calling it design, I was exhausted explaining why the clothes I wear cost so much to people I work and associate with. I was tired of clothing being treated as anything other than a product.

Let's get one thing straight, clothing is a product. When you are born, you are wrapped in textile before being given to your parents, when you die, you are dressed whether it's burial or cremation. Clothing is the first product you interact with and the last. You interact with it so much, that you forget it's a product and you treat it as ‘clothes’…. Its … a… product. I was tired of it being treated as anything else.

When you design a product, it is your responsibility to make that product as friendly as possible, to the end-user, and the world, it exists within. Yet you have people treating it as ‘Clothes’ and pushing out the bare minimum effort imaginable and at the same time destroying the world while they are at it. You think I'm exaggerating right? Clothing is the second most environmentally destructive industry after oil. Let that shit sink in for a second. AFTER OIL. CLOTHING. WHAT?!

I want to treat clothing as a product, that exists with a person. People and products, how they coexist and interact is why I started, I want to get back to that. That is my goal for 2022.

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