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Product Profile: Udaan Pants V3

Product Profile: Udaan Pant V3
Fabric Type: Technical
Fabric: Schoeller Dryskin with Schoeller 3XDRY Treatment
Release Date: 09/04/21

Udaaan Pant V3 is the third iteration of the second pant we released. Initially the udaan pant was inspired by an aviator pant style cut hence the name Udaan (Hindi for flight). V1 was used to establish the design, V2 refined its features, and V3 introduces simplification and silhouette overhauls. 

Early Sampling

The moment everything clicked was when we saw someone wear and udaan pant 3 sizes too big for them. It was a literal eureka moment, in an instant we realised how to achieve the silhouette that had eluded us since V1.

When the client tried the size that was too big for them, the rise was too big, the thigh too wide and the hem too loose… it … was… perfect! 

But how do we make a pant that’s too big manageable? We looked at the Indian traditional garment Salwar for inspiration, which uses a draw string and series of pleats to manage additional fabric. We implemented the same concept with patent pending Garuda ingenuity and simplicity. 

We then developed what we refer to as formula based pattern making… if rise = x then thigh = y and so on. The entire pant could be constructed by knowing 2 measures, the waist and the outseam, everything else would simply take care of itself by following the formula. 

The additional fabric also allows you to adjust the silhouette of the pants based on how you distribute the aforementioned excess fabric.

Pocket Import

The Udaan pant has always had cargo pockets since its first iteration. Initially we wished for the pocket to be at the hip area on V1, but we chickened out at the last minute thinking it may make the pant uncomfortable. On V3 we decided to throw caution to the wind and take the pocket to the hip as we initially intended, and it clicked without any hiccup at all… wish we had done it sooner. You can now access the cargo pockets without having to tilt your body at all. 

As for the design of the pocket we just imported it from Sipahi V2, there was no reason to reinvent the wheel, the pocket works well and is unique… can’t ask for much more. 

Double Hem abandonment

V1 and V2 featured a double hem which allowed you to wear the pant at full or cropped length. The V1 execution was shoddy but its the best we could do at the time. V2 improved the double hem significantly, it was now more subtle and worked better. 

However on V3 we have decided to let go of the double hem. We spoke to customers who had purchased V1 and V2 and 90% of them told us they had no use for the double hem and almost always wore the pant at 1 of the 2 available lengths and never switched them for any reason. Which simply meant we were sinking valuable time into a feature with little to no pay off.

Closing notes

In V3 we have redefined the Udaan pant, in many ways to be what it should have always been. We are very proud of all the improvements and the new silhouette.

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