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Product Profile: Shifting Skort V1

Product Profile: Shifting Skort V1
Fabric Type: Technical
Fabric: Schoeller Dryskin with Schoeller 3XDRY Treatment
Release Date: 03/08/20

Shifting Skort V1 was influenced by the traditional Tongan Lava Lava and also a traditional Indian Dhoti. Using these as a starting point we created a unisex skirt that could also be worn as a pair of shorts. Crafting the skirt itself was a walk in the park, figuring out the configuration required to transform the garment into shorts was pretty painful by contrast. We experimented for weeks before realising all it required was a simple button combined with a buttonhole and some imaginative fabric manipulation. 

Early Sampling

Look, there’s no point beating around the bush. Its a rectangle. It's simply 1 big piece of fabric. That’s it. Well okay, that’s extreme... that’s not “it”, this is Garuda we are talking about after all. 

After wearing multiple Lava Lavas and Dhotis we quickly understood their main shortcoming was the lack of volume, this was easily combatted with pleats placed throughout the designs waist area. 

Another issue with the traditional garments was the lack of effective pockets, in recent times with the ever-expanding size of smartphones it’s important to have comfortable pockets to store your daily carry items. 

We added two oversized fatigue style pockets, and left them partially unstitched, leaving them unstitched allowed us to place secret welt pockets underneath the fatigue style pockets. 

The next thing we realised was that some people may prefer to wear this over their pants… 
Us: well okay they can do that… just wear it on top of the pants? How hard is that? 
Also Us: No no no, because then you have to take off and put on the 2 pieces separately, lets find a way to join the skirt onto the pants.

Pant Sync System

The Pant Sync System is relatively straight forward, its a belt that is attached to the skirt, that you weave through the loops of your pants allowing you to join the skirt onto any pants that have belt loops. 

Watch the video below for a closer look at the Pant Sync System.



Skort System

Okay, it would take a long time for us to explain how we arrived at our solution, but basically, we just slammed our heads against a wall repeatedly with a variety of techniques till we found something that worked and then tested it for weeks and weeks, trying to find flaws and fixing them as we went. Childs play really. 

Check out the video below to see some of our early testings with magnets.



The final solution was simply 1 button and 4 buttonholes. The button is placed at the back hem of the skirt, you pull the back towards the front in-between your legs and weave the button through the buttonholes on the front section of the skirt and viola. 

Check out the video below to see the Skort System in action.



Closing Notes

We set out to make a simple skirt, but in the process ended up making a unique unisex piece with multiple methods to wear. Our personal favourite part of the skirt is its ability to pair (literally) with any pant through the use of the “Pant Sync System”. 

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