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Product Profile: Noragi V1

Product Profile:
Noragi V1
Fabric Type: Technical
Fabric: Schoeller Dryskin with Schoeller 3XDRY Treatment
Release Date: 14/07/20

Noragi V1 is Garuda’s take on a Japanese workwear classic. When we initially thought of making the Noragi we felt we were pandering to demand and didn’t want to make it honestly. However, we decided to at least sample it and see if we could make something exceptional and worth releasing… and we did! A modern fit with movement, 3 ways to close, and the option to sling it on your back. Worth releasing for sure!

Early Sampling

Noragi Samples

We attempted a few variations, all with differing collars, sleeves… shoulders, you get the idea. Nothing was sticking out, so we stepped away from the design.

Then at some point, we developed the “Anatomical Anti-Fit Sleeve” while working on another product (Simple Shacket V1) and decided to export it to the Noragi as well. It was an instant fit, it worked well with the collar so we rolled with it. 

The base of the design was now ready, but for whatever reason, it felt very static and rigid. Which just wasn’t working well with the elegance of the collar. To add some motion to the design we added a vent at the back to allow the piece to open up a bit, and the "String Tie System". 

String Tie System

Below is a video displaying the operation of the "String Tie System" in an early prototype stage. 



Adding the strings initially was just a way of adding movement as mentioned, it was a nice way to close the garment too but needed a management method. 

So by adding a cut in a hidden area, and some strategically placed loops you can now not only tie the piece closed 2 ways but you can also hide the strings altogether if you want. 

The loops we added also allowed us to place a button invisibly on the design showing no stitching on the exterior of the garment. Meaning you can close the Noragi 3 ways now.



Sometime later we realised the Noragi’s tie system also allowed you to sling the piece on your back if you no longer need to wear it. This was accidental, awesome and made us love the String Tie System even more. 

Below is a video showing off the Noragi with Hene’s Hat V1 where you can see the Noragi starting in its slung state.



Closing notes

Through numerous attempts, we finally arrived at the solution, which we believe is a distinctive take on the traditional Noragi, thanks in part to the uniqueness of the “String Tie System” and the use of our “Anatomical Anti-Fit Sleeve”.

View Noragi V1 on our store! 

The video below is Garuda designer Suhail Sahrawat talking through the design in more details and showing all the features of the garment.




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