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Product Profile: Master's Pants V1

MAsters Pants

Product Profile: Master’s Pants V1
Fabric Type: Technical
Fabric: Schoeller Dryskin with Schoeller 3XDRY Treatment
Release Date: 10/6/21

I usually write product profiles in the third person, but this bad boy will be in the first person because the Master's pants deserve it.

In November 2020 we sampled Udaan Pants V3, one of the major changes we made was adding an oversized cinch waist which I instantly fell in love with. A month later I decided to give our staff some dryskin garments for Christmas so that they could enjoy the products they make for themselves. They already had a couple of pieces each but didn’t have anything in dryskin. They both opted for pants, the younger tailor taking Sipahi Pants V2, while the Master opted for a custom design. He wanted Sipahi V2 with less taper (A man after my own heart), and no pleats or darts at the knee. I also managed to convince him to add an oversized cinch waist like the Udaan pants, because I wanted to see how a feature like that worked on someone much smaller than me. Halfway through his piece, he decided to abandon the Sipahi cargo pockets, and hence the Master’s pants were born. They are named Master’s pants because the design was originally made for our Master cutter. 

Master Pants

Girlfriend Pants

So why did we release them? Firstly... they look great, alright mate? But more importantly, I had been wearing Udaan Pants for 3-4 months and I knew my girlfriend didn’t like them. She prefers me in less clownish pants, and the Master’s Pants were the answer. They are more fitted and normal looking than the Udaan Pants, yet I get to keep my cinch waist. Win. Win. I almost named the pants Girlfriend Appeasement Pants. 

The Perfect Hybrid

For a long time, we have tried to make sibling products. For example, the Udaan is the brother to the Sipahi, both are cargo pants, but one is cropped and more avant-garde while the other is more traditional in styling. The Master’s Pants are the long lost sibling of the Aiqtisas Pants, both are aimed at being smart-casual pieces, one being cropped and regular waist, the other being full length and cinch waist. The Master’s Pants are the perfect middle ground between our basic Aiqtisas and highly technical Udaan Pants.

Masters Pants

Closing Notes

Sometimes the best things are total accidents, like the Master’s Pants. Something that started as a gift to my staff became a real product and is as of right now a perfect representation of our design language at this moment in time. The Master’s Pants transcend occasion and venue and are at home in almost any context providing physical, emotional and mental comfort. 

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