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Product Profile: Hene's Hat V1

With summer approaching for most countries lets talk about Sun Protection!


Product Profile: Hene’s Hat V1
Fabric Type: Technical
Fabric: Schoeller Dryskin with Schoeller 3XDRY Treatment
Release Date: 14/07/20

Hene’s Hat V1 initially began as a personal challenge. In early 2020, a close friend (Hene) was touring India. He came to expand his knowledge in sewing and design while also taking a vacation. Towards the tail end of his trip, he started designing a 6-panel bucket hat. At some point, it dawned on us that the design could be cut down to a mere 3 panels so we decided to challenge ourselves to figure out how. Hence Hene’s Hat was born and rapidly became Garuda's best selling product ever! 


Hat sample pattern

Early Sampling

In its initial state, the hat was made of 4 pieces used to create the dome shape for the head, and an additional 2 pieces to construct the brim. 

We aimed to combine the 4 pieces of the dome into 1 piece to simplify cutting, sewing and also challenge ourselves while making a wholly unique bucket hat. Several headaches and samples later we arrived at the shape you see in the photo above, the entire dome was cut from one piece of fabric and only required 2 lines of stitching to construct. 

The lack of stitching also worked extremely (cannot emphasise this enough) well in conjunction with the stretch provided by dryskin fabric.

The hat fit great, looked unique and was a breeze to sew. If all of that wasn't enough, using dryskin made it waterproof, and sweat absorbent. It was almost a year-round hat now, all it needed was some added and optional protection.


Neck Cover

There is no shortage of hats with neck covers, however, we wanted to add an optional neck cover.

Simply by adding a placket of buttons at the rear of the hat we were able to make a detachable neck cover offering multiple ways to wear the hat. 

In addition to the detachability we wanted the neck cover to be able to open up to provide some airflow when required, so we split the neck cover into three sections which would close or open with a button and buttonhole combo. 


Accidental Design

After we had finished sampling the hat we realised that the neck cover could function as a face cover too. Accidental and awesome, especially in 2020 when everyone was forced to cover their faces for safety. 

Hat Mask

You simply had to wear the hat backwards and then open up 2 of the buttons attaching the neck cover to the hat to create and split for your eyes. It was extremely simple and intuitive. 

This was also what served as inspiration for Sipahi Hat V1 which we made a few months after the release of Hene’s Hat V1.

Closing Notes

What started as a personal challenge turned into Garuda’s best seller. We are proud to see Hene’s Hat all over the world in different countries and climates worn by people of different walks of life. 

View Hene’s Hat V1 on our Store.


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