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New Release: Rayon Linen Collection


Pieces: Simple Shacket V1, Nehru Neck V1, Ordinary Overshirt V1, Beths Baseball Shirt V1 & Noragi V1
Release Date: 25/5/21

Presenting Garuda’s second release for May 2021, comprising of existing designs reimagined in a new textile: Rayon Linen. Just in time for peak summer. This release contains five items, combined with our previous two (Studio Shirt and Enjinia Shirt) Rayon Linen items for a total of 7 options in the fabric.

The fabric composition is approximately 50% rayon 50% linen, providing both the soft hand feel of rayon and the breathability of linen. In the past, we released the Enjinia shirt and Studio shirt in rayon linen, and have fallen in love with the designs (especially the Studio Shirt) so we figured why not apply the same fabric to the rest of our shirt options? And what better time to do it than the peak of summer?


Garuda, all year round

Due to the high GSM of our dryskin blend, most of the shirts we offer are two season pieces depending on where you live. Since we are based in India naturally there’s no chance to wear certain pieces for almost 6 months a year… but we wanted to wear a Simple Shacket year round because it's bloody beautiful… Rayon linen was the answer. The rayon linen iterations are perfect for summer because of how airy and light they are. 


Fewer wrinkles than 100% rayon

Rayon is awesome, except for the fact that it looks extremely unkempt after a few hours of wear. The addition of linen to the blend minimises the wrinkles more than you’d imagine, of course, there are still a few but significantly less than solo rayon or 100% linen. 

On certain pieces, you may not even need to iron them after washing as the fabric will gradually de-wrinkle itself with a little wear. 


Silk-like fall

Traditional linen can at times be rigid and stiff, but thanks to the rayon in our blend the fabric is soft and almost silk-like in its drape. It both flows with you and feels amazing against the skin, there is nothing to compare it to. Due to how soft and light the fabric is it also balls up and packs away extremely well when you need to take it off. 


Closing notes

The rayon linen collection is something we have personally been wearing for over a year because we wanted to test the fabric and be sure of its quality before haphazardly offering it to customers. Needless to say, we are extremely satisfied with it. It's perfect for summer and delivers an extremely luxurious feel at an affordable price point comparative to our other offerings. We hope you’ll try it and love it just as much as we do.

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