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How to Start a Techwear Brand: Part 7, A Mad Man’s Monologue

In the previous part, I said I was about to have a critical conversation with myself about whether and how to execute Garuda. I lied, what I meant was I was going to sit down, apply questionable logic and figure out how to brute force my way through making a cohesive brand while only releasing a few items a year. 

Here we go…

Listen, I'm going to keep it a buck with you... seeing the final sample of the pants gave me a rush… I wanted these to exist in the world, I want other people to own them, so I’m going to apply brute force and make this happen. In hindsight maybe it was ego or self-importance, whatever it was, I haven’t learned my lesson because I'm still going. 

blog shorts

So I want to create only a few products, but how am I going to package that and make it look like a cohesive brand? I wrote 3 pages of notes (which I can’t share because they are filled with profanity) about everything I detested about the apparel industry to help me figure out how I wanted to do things differently. The basic premise I arrived at was to only recreate staple items, e.g. make a pair of cargo pants, a pair of jeans, a jacket, a shirt, so on so forth. Try to make nothing unnecessary…

You: Suhail there were so many clothing brands already in 2015, you adding another is by default unnecessary!

Me: I know, but that’s a different can of worms for another day.

Alright, so we are only going to make “necessary” products! Yay! But how are we going to organise it? We aren’t going to operate on seasons since we are making just a few products a year… what if we separate the items into categories? Perhaps a collection of pants, a collection of shirts, and a collection of jackets… no wait that feels jacked up and way too disjointed… let's boil it down further.

blog shirt

What are the main genres of menswear? Military, workwear, suit wear and sportswear! Okay, so let's segregate garments based on that. Four categories… surely we can think of a better term than categories… what about Kits? Kits? Yeah Kits, Kit 1 Military, Kit 2 Workwear, and so on. 

“God damn Suhail! You are the man” I told myself.

Okay cool, but where’s the X factor bro? I KNOW! What if we add a cultural element to each Kit too? We could use Indian influences for Military since dad was in the Indian military, Japanese for workwear because we Stan Visvim, New Zealand for sportswear because everyone here wears so much sportswear, and Oman for suit wear because I lived there and if anyone asks I can say that and they will eat it up!

“God damn Suhail! You are the $%^#ing man” I repeated internally.

Now not only did I have confidence, but also a skeleton of a road map. Since we already have cargo pants ready let's focus on Kit 1 Military first, Its time to start designing the rest of Kit 1’s first drop. We’re going to do a teeshirt, a pair of pants, a shirt and a jacket. LFG.

In part 8 we will discuss Schoeller.

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