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Design Discussion: Workpants V2.1


We’ve never talked about our best selling pant. Ever. We aren't the sharpest tools in the shed when it comes to marketing. Workpants (V1, V2 and V3) have always been Garuda’s premiere product. It is the pant we sell the most, and its also the pant we wear the most. This article aims to explain more about the design and its evolution. 

Work pants V1 (Formerly known as Wakayama Work Pants) were the 4th pant design Garuda unveiled. During the V1 phase, they far more closely resembled their inspiration, the famous Carhartt Double Knee Pants. We just applied a few tweaks, like adding dedicated smartphone pockets, reducing the size of the knee reinforcement, adding a pleat to the knee and adding a seat reinforcement. 

The main reason we reduced the size of the knee reinforcement was that we felt the ones on traditional double knee pants were too big as they extended high onto the thigh and well past half the shin. In our resolution to reduce the size we tragically ignored the inner knee area and left that unreinforced. We let this slide at the time because our main goal with V1 was to establish the design concepts, staying true to their original influences, which we would then overhaul in V2.

14 months after the V1 release we decided it was time to bring the work pants a step forward with everything we had learned in the time passed. This began with a huge overhaul on the knee area. Firstly we changed the shape of the knee reinforcement to now cover the entire knee instead of just the outer side, followed by which we added darts to add shape to the knee. 

The other major change to the work pants was the way we cut the leg, its too hard to explain over text but essentially in the year following the V1 release we learned a new method to cut pants which we have since applied to most designs.

The final change was to add a drawstring at the hem of the pants to allow users to cinch the hem, providing a few more styling options.

Work Pants V2 is where the design took off, we started selling more and more of them, and they resonated with people because they were both hardwearing and transcended time and space allowing them to be worn in multiple settings and occasions. V2 advanced the product forward and instead of it being a technical knock off of a double knee pant it was its own thing finally. 


Work pants V2.1 was the first time we’ve added a decimal point to a version number. We did it because there weren’t any major changes, just refinements, tweaks and a new textile. The use of Schoeller dryskin, upgrading from Schoeller Shape added a new dimension to the design. It was now even more abrasion resistant, had 4-way stretch instead of 2 way, and all the other benefits and comfort dryskin offers. 

The work pants since their inception have remained a key part of Garuda’s offering, it says everything we are trying to, its utility meets comfort meets style. 


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