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Design Discussion: Udaan Pants V3

Announcing the release of the V3 line! Starting with Udaan Pants V3. If you follow us on social media (@garuda_ss / @suhailsahrawat) you’ll have seen that we are discontinuing 5 V2 pants. Over the last few months, we have worked to redefine the V2’s and are finally ready to release V3!

What is Udaan pant V3? The Udaan V1 were the second pant Garuda released at the start of 2017. The main goal was to create a pant that served as the opposite of the Sipahi pant, a wider cropped cargo pant to counter the Sipahi’s slim stacking. 

V1 had a total of 8 pockets, was made from Schoeller 97% Cotton 3% Elastane and treated with Schoeller 3XDRY. It featured the same magnetic cargo pocket as the Sipahi pant, which was placed on the outer thigh as opposed to the upper front thigh. 

The concept came out great in V1 while doing well on the overall execution and construction we failed to achieve the width we had in mind. 

Udaan V1 featured a double hem, with the ability to crop the pant. Which we sought to improve upon with Udaan V2 in 2019. While also upgrading all the pockets and adding better articulation at the knee area. Essentially improving the design with all the knowledge, skill, and customer feedback we had gained in the last 2 years. 

The result came out great and we came up with a fantastic solution to the double hem improving on its execution, usability and look significantly. We also improved the magnetic cargo pocket from our other pants and added a second pocket to the other leg in V2. 

Yet once again we failed to achieve the width we had in mind, but successfully improved every other section of the pant many times over.

For V3 we decided to speak to customers who had bought V2, and V1 and we quickly realised people didn’t use the double hem. Which just meant we were sinking a lot of effort into something of no value to the customer. So on V3, we have decided to abandon the double hem, but keep the purpose the same, serve as the wider cropped counterpart to the Sipahi which will also release soon. 

Udaan V3

But how wide is wide? On V3 we have referenced the Indian Salwar and Dhoti for silhouette and decided to push its width to the extreme by using an oversized cinching waistband. The cargo pockets are imported from Sipahi Pant V2 and have gradually moved further and further up the leg as we aimed to make them accessible without having to bend even a fraction. We also refined the knee articulation to a sweet spot where it is helpful but not over the top. 

On V3 by placing less focus on features that aren’t used by customers and reapplying that effort to the silhouette we have finally achieved the width and shape we had in mind all along for the Udaan back in 2017. 

Udaan V3 will release in approximately 4 weeks. Making this your last opportunity to purchase Udaan V2 if it tickles your fancy more as it will be discontinued with the V3 drop.

Udaan V3

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