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Design Discussion: Enjinia Shirt V3

The Enjinia Shirt was the first short sleeve shirt Garuda made and has remained a staple of the collection. It has seen 3 iterations so far which have continuously transformed the product to be better and better. 


In its V1 state, the Enjinia shirt (then referred to as K2/C2/M1) was based loosely on a Ben Davis workwear shirt with a quarter zip closure. V1 was also the second time we used our six-piece torso cut, a play on the body of the shirt allowing for a more flared and bellowing silhouette. 

The shirt featured two pockets, one on the left outer chest, and one on the right inner chest which could be accessed by opening the quarter zip. These pockets also had miniature pleats in the corners to allow for some expansion when filled. 


In V2 we transformed several parts of the design. Firstly we abandoned the quarter zip and made the shirt into a button-up style, but instead of removing the zip completely, we applied a separating zip at the chest area allowing for two different ways to close the shirt. You could either use the buttons, the zip, or both. 

The next thing was the removal of the six-piece torso cut, to achieve a similar bellowing silhouette to V1 we added a reverse pleat at the rear of the shirt.

Finally, we simplified the chest pocket of the shirt for V2, we felt that in hindsight we tried to be creative for the sake of being creative on V1 and making a pocket that had little to no payoff.


Enjinia Shirt V3 released in July 2020 and is the current iteration of this design. There were only two changes between V2 and V3, however, they both impacted the design greatly.

Firstly we imported the new embedded pocket body from Simple Shacket V1, this allowed for discrete pockets to be added to the design and in an MTO setting allows for easier shape manipulations based on customer requests. 

And lastly, we removed the zip seen on V1 and V2 altogether. The zip on V1 was great but had no place in a button up setting, and the zip on V2 was fun and looked intriguing but in operation was janky, to say the least. In short, it made sense on V1, and on V2 was just a gimmick so we decided to let it go for V3. 

The Enjinia shirt is available both in Rayon Linen and also in Schoeller Dryskin, meaning that regardless of the climate you live in there is a version for you.

Follow the links to see the Enjinia Shirt on our store.

Rayon Linen


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